We collaborate with leading researchers to create our apps.  

We work closely with academic partners to develop applications that support research.  We've partnered with researchers at Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, UCSF, Charles University (CZ), University of Toronto and the University of Virginia.  

Our modules are available to researchers across the country. 

Our 18 flagship modules are ushering in a new era of scalable, accessible research tools.  Scroll down to learn more and to contact us. 


Nimble outperforms gold-standards on measurement.

Our rich data signals are delivering unprecedented resolution for detecting changes across cognitive, emotional and motor domains.  Nimble's high-resolution monitoring is helping to characterize pre-clinical symptoms, monitor therapeutic efficacy and measure pharmacodynamics.



Infinite versioning expands potential. 

Intelligent design combined with tailored math and statistics allow Nimble to be used repeatedly over time with minimal learning effects. This means that docs and researchers can track patient performance as frequently as they like for as long as they'd like.


Nimble increases resolution and accuracy. 

Our whole-brain approach compares regional performance, pinpointing the root cause of symptoms and improving clinical insights.  For example, perceived memory problems may be caused by attentional deficits, comprehension deficits, slowed processing speed, or interruptions in information storage or retrieval.  Likewise, biometric changes in functions like eye movements can accompany a range of psychiatric and neurological disorders, complicating the determination of a symptom's root cause.


Nimble engages patients. 

Engaging interactions measure difficult-to-capture functions, like motivation, and encourage ongoing patient participation in longitudinal research. 


Join the growing movement for precision brain health. 

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