Producer: Games

About the position

The Producer must have a proven track record of delivering successful interactive products into the market.  Must have a deep understanding of customer needs and business objectives and be able to prioritize based on cost/benefit analysis. The Project Manager must be a natural team leader who is able to inspire and motivate individuals and teams to reach their potential.

Ideal candidate 

Creative, practical, driven, inspiring. Highly organized. Visionary product leader with passion for user interaction. Proven track record of delivering product into market. Strong background in building teams and fostering innovation and productivity.  '

Work responsibilities 

  • Design and manage all aspects of mobile app and game development
  • Responsible for the team that designs, creates, polishes, tests and delivers product to market
  • Foster communication across all disciplines and roles
  • Drive and inspire in multidisciplinary team to create thoughtful, witty and inspired products
  • Responsible for planning, milestones, tracking and driving team to success
  • Work with team of scientist and research collaborations to define new games and apps, work with engineers to specify technology needed. 
  • Work with game designers, artists, UI to design games and apps, work with statistician on algorithms and data collection. 
  • Work with UI to test user experience and with QA to test implementation
  • Work with QA specialist to document the technical and functional specifications and testing results





Candidate requirements 

  • Passionate about outstanding user experience
  • Phenomenal sense of design and interaction
  • Highly creative *and* highly analytical thought process
  • Task- and results-oriented: entrepreneurial
  • Ability to take initiative and thrive in a startup environment
  • Ability to problem solve, distill and prioritize decisions in collaboration with others
  • Ability to bring multidisciplinary team together to achieve a common goal
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills, with ability to manage multiple projects, priorities, and stakeholders while being detail-oriented and effective at time management
  • Strong project management skills 
  • Experience delivering commercially successful product to market with small-medium sized team
  • JIRA/Confluence or other planning and communication tools
  • Experience in technical, gaming and/or mobile app development
  • Understanding of technical concepts, business objectives, evaluate and articulate tradeoffs

Some of the tools we use

Adobe. Unity. Confluence. Jira. Github. TrueVault. Compliance HQ. AWS.


Senior Engineer

About the position

The Senior Engineer must be a solid, hands-on developer with good communication and team skills who has 5+ years developing scalable services in node.js or Java. Experience launching commercially successful web and mobile software with small to mid-sized teams is also required. Must have a fluid understanding of API architectures, database schema design, testing frameworks, security issues, compute environments, and strong expertise in Model/View/Controller implementation.

Ideal candidate 

BS, MS or PhD in Computer Science. Experience with regulated systems (banking, healthcare, pharma, biotech). Good understanding of mobile development and platforms. Machine learning, data visualization and analytics experience. Familiar with Digital Signal Processing and Computer Vision. Passion for innovating and for delivering consumer-ready products that are reliable, scalable and durable. 



Work responsibilities

The Senior Engineer will develop new systems that are core to the business, and will be responsible for making sure these systems are designed with future product and technical features in mind. You will be responsible for the development of end-to-end web and data systems that are resilient, flexible, scalable, and maximally secure. Business requirements demand that these systems support HIPAA and FDA security requirements, development and logging practices.

Some of the languages and tools we use

Node.js. Python. iOS. Unity. Java. Confluence. Jira. Github. TrueVault.. AWS. JSHINT/JSLINT. PostgreSQL. Mocha/Chai/Jasmine.